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If this ship ever sinks……

If this ship ever sinks, I’d love to leave a tale.

A tale that would serve as guide to the children my children will give birth to, in this tale I will present imaginative representation of my life played out fully in their heads, i will tell them stories of where i come from ; I would tell them stories of who my father was and all that he ever lived to achieve. This tale will serve as a reminder of the type of life I lived , one that is filled with mistakes, love, laughter, music and tears. This is because when they read it , they would understand the kind of girl I used to be before I became the kind of woman I was when I bore their father and the kind of old woman I ended up as when they finally met me. My account of my life is entirely different from the way others present it. This is because it is my story and only I understand how to lived it. Nevertheless, I will hand over this tale to them so that when questions arise ; they would have the strength to answer and conquer.

If this ship ever sinks, do not mourn or weep because it has sailed the entire ocean and it has sailed to its fullest. Some ships don’t make it to the back to the shore but even at that , you can not deny it the joy it got from sailing

If it sinks, tell my offsprings about me! No!! Present to them my tale so they can judge me well❤️